7 December 2020 – London, England

‘make a place home’

been thinking a lot about ways a place can become home – christmas is on the horizon and while it is exciting it’s also odd because i miss my people in aus.️ • so here’s a list of things. things that make a place home. • 

making bread. growing things. feeding friends. cooking things that are from home-home and taste like places and times you love. writing letters and putting your address on the back. lining up the cards you receive on the mantelpiece. reading maps – proper, paper ones – of where you live. opening the blinds every morning and saying hello to the birds in the trees. making more bread (and eating it with your home-made lemon curd). telling yourself every day that it’s okay to only do as much as you can. it’s okay to miss people. it’s okay to thrive without them. all of it is okay. home can be lots of places. and you’ll laugh and cry in all of them.