6 October 2019 – London, England

‘new rhythms • discovering a sense of home in the habits’

my dear friends remind me that home can be places and feelings, and i will find moments and routines and people and songs that are about this place, and build a home here. • i’m using my hands as much as i can – same hands, new things, old things, grounding things, legs pumping on my bike, head in the mare tail streaked sky on the way to school in the mornings. tea in my sun drenched room of an afternoon, letters and books, hands dry but gripping a pen to send a trail of ink home. building a home is in the in betweens, the moments where you forget, the giggle of happiness as you make an omelette, the rolling of panniers, and the kneading of dough. bicycle lights and washing blowing in the breeze. all of us curled up in the living room watching things on the projector, room warm with tea and biscuits, honesty, laughter, and positivity. sometimes you have to have your head in the clouds to allow your feet to hit the ground. • it’s been a month, today. it’s swift and slow, easy and hard, and always a little heart breaking but it’s honest work and i am trying my best. i’m not home yet but perhaps i’m a little closer to it than i was.