29 March 2020 – Sydney, NSW

‘escape into quarantine’

the sky takes me elsewhere • we went out yesterday evening and looked at the sky. it was a delight, it was freedom. the sky seems so big after being stuck inside, and the mackerel clouds changed texture across the sky like the fish scales they’re named after. it was blue and purple and the crescent moon (upside down now i am home down under) shone so brightly and almost pink. 

we are outside and the sky is beautiful and we are safe. sat on the front path, the evening currawong chorus has died down. the blues leak into purples as you look toward the east, and magic is in the air. 

the blue light of the twilight paints everything kindly and i know this light from the bush evenings under the eucalypts, safe in the valleys to the west (we are looking westwards now towards them and the sleeping sun). it is like the woodsmoke that rises from the dying fire; memories flood into me. 
this time will come again and again, earlier as the winter evenings close in. just like making home under the big big sky will come again. boots in the dust and the colours of dusk in your heart will come again after all of this, in time, in time.