27 July 2019 – Beijing, China

‘starts and ends of days’

i sit and listen to max richter and jon hopkins today and i know as always that travel is HARD. home is far away and i have spent 60% of my time living out of a suitcase this year. which is a stat i am extraordinarily fortunate to have but also is hard to wrap my home-body heart around. • sometimes the best thing i can do is just look up at the sky and see the rays of light and remember that i am under this sky as always and be okay with that. • it is enough to be here and to be loving and learning. if i need to lie in bed and be by myself or to go out and see friends when i can, that is okay. just because you are out of routine doesn’t mean you don’t need to listen to your soul whispers. • i am extremely thankful to all my beautiful family and friends near and far who tolerate the abundance or lack of messages and teach me every day what it means for love to have no borders. you are wonderful.