24 February 2022 – Ylitornio, Finland


today we played a concert. before the general, i walked to the torne river and watched the sun set over sweden. it was so incredibly beautiful. •

it was also incredibly sad somehow. not the kind of sad that makes you cry, but the kind that you can taste on your tongue, a strange, special kind of sadness. it makes you stop, and be quiet, watch the clouds moving so fast, and the away the scene changes, in a different way. •

me, here, in finland. across, the river, sweden. and in between, some invisible line that the leaders of each place have agreed on and continue, moment by moment to agree on. in that moment, the fragility of the situation is clear. this border is real, but unless you know and believe it’s there, you can’t see it. people can choose not to see it. heck. the world is fragile, so fragile. it does make me afraid.