23 August 2019 – Sydney, NSW

today i lost a roll of film. the first one in a long time. i got an email saying that it was blank and to collect my refund. • it doesn’t help that this roll was magic; my first time with a 50mm lens, photos of newnes. it was going to be full of yellows and greens and reds and the sparkling light of the bush. • but at the same time, this is the joy of film; the risk of losing it all or a fault destroying what you worked to create. i’ll still remember those moments because i invested so much in the construction of each shot, i took them because i wanted that little moment with all it’s colour and feelings to be solidified in a fleeting chemical reaction. • so think of some photos that didn’t turn out how i expected, with some of last year’s wattle for good measure. the lost photos can reside in my mind and come back each time i want to remember them, until i forget. i’m disappointed. but it’s also okay.