19 August 2020 – Sydney, NSW

‘courtney barnett’

“shave your head to see how it feels; emotionally, it’s not that different. but to the hand, it’s beautiful. yeah, to the hand, it’s beautiful.” •

been chasing these courtney barnett lyrics for a while and it’s good to have finally curled up inside them. they’ve been curled up inside me since i first heard them last year, and now i can let them go like a spring. • 

give me a camera with a timer for the first time ever and i will take self portraits making breakfast. being alone is always heaven but it’s also fascinating in a way – with no one to observe me, is the way i look the same as the way i feel? (since i feel so different when i am alone as opposed to in company) do i look different because i feel different, or is the change all inside? • 

feeling very stirred up after my heart feeling like a lake on a still day. things change so quickly somehow. my slow heart always being thrown from what feels like extreme to extreme. but i’m still me; i’m still me.