19 August 2019 – Sydney, NSW

‘love and newnes’

a writing about things that are now and also forever • it’s a grey blue purple mauve dusk now. our golden hour dream has come and gone and we just have the echoes of the day as the stars are unveiled. lavender skies can’t be captured, and every time i look at him this is a big big dream. our time is fleeting and wildly untameable. the seconds run away but i have the comfort that my memories can only become sweeter with time. • the skies were on fire and the cliffs saluted the end of the day, and it will be like this tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow forever and ever. the valley: she’s not going away, i’m not going away, we’ll meet again when i go down to her wattle filled embrace and smell the grey blue woodsmoke. • we drive back to sydney and it’s like we are driving back under a blanket of smog. the stars dim and fade and i could cry, but i know that they are still there, i can still sing songs to them by the embers of a dying fire, forever. • leaving home is a bittersweet heartbreak because leaving sucks but the world is big and beautiful, and it means i have the joy of returning to look forward to. do we ever really lose anything that we hold dear in our hearts?