17 June 2020 – Sydney, NSW

this morning, the cat smelt like rain and nasturtium leaves as i cradled her, watching my porridge spin in the microwave. she’s always clingier on days like today – grey old days, that you can sink into and wrap around yourself like a mohair blanket. • 

today is full of nice things, like Mersey valley ploughmans melted over tomato and salami. toast almost set on fire in the grill but not quite. warm mugs of tea (earl grey courtesy of will) that smell fruity and like a kitchen that’s bigger than i remember. • i saw two birds outside mum’s window this morning – i heard them before i saw them. new, rotund friends. it’s a change from the currawongs and lorikeets. sometimes spending time away from home is good. everything that once felt old and boxed in, feels new.