14 November 2019 – London, England

‘same moon, same water’the same moon shines over the thames as it does over home. mum and i send photos of the moon to each other; a thread that ties us together. it’s a comfort, like letters and cards from home. • london doesn’t feel like home but it pains me less to be here now. i’m content to walk along the streets, and gently look at the autumn leaves. maybe it’s because home for christmas is in sight, maybe the last couple of weeks have held an easing within myself. maybe i am so busy there is no space to be so distressed. • the other day i walked home along the river from westminster and it was a gentle, slow, warm delight to see the moon rise, and to watch flocks of birds play over the bridge. the river’s waters flow through london and out into the sea, circling the earth through currents and the sky. there’s a comfort that the water is here for now, but not forever. like me.