13 June 2020 – Govett’s Leap, NSW

‘soft moonrise over darug country at dusk.’

it was somehow important to see the big burn from the summer with my own eyes. the evening begged for a pause at the top of the cliffs to open my heart to the world. • just one of a magical set of moments at the edge of central west nsw. there’s freedom in a car full of petrol and the smell of methylated spirits as i cradle a cup of hot tea. it always tastes better freshly boiled on a little trangia stove. best of all out of a billy over a fire, of course. • 

i’m always overwhelmed by how old this landscape is. how old her stories are. the moon and the stars and the stories and the sounds make me feel small – it’s good to feel small sometimes. to know that it will take a day for you to cross the valley to the cliffs opposite. it puts things into perspective. how much it takes to do anything, and how amazing it is that we achieve what we do at all.