11 January 2020 – London, England

‘in transit east to west’
windows and windows, light passes across people’s faces, watching the circles of the aeroplane’s portholes pass across walls down the long long corridors of the plane aisles. the sunrises were soft this time. no photos, just soft gentle enjoyment and sweet conversations with the canadians next to me about isabella’s cafe opposite the iga in moruya and the way that people come together. • gentle meditations on how people need people and how i hold my people in my heart, sturdy and solid, and calm and loving. we build our lives around and amongst people. • two things to focus on every day like a heartbeat that i walk in step with: connection and playing. all i need. • today, coffee with a friend, the markets, and smiles were connection enough. tomorrow is another day and it will be addressed when it comes, til it is a ritual and feels solid as the earth turning. inevitable, safe, known.