11 December 2019 – In transit west to east

‘on the way home’

i’m on the plane from LHR to AUH, and i can see the stars. we’re above the clouds and other planes pass like red flashing constellations below. cruising at 39,000 feet, i can see the stars in the black sky. the first real stars in months. they shine and they smile down on me, and it’s a gift. • walking along the thames last night, i felt like i was showered in stardust seeing one, high in the sky. now, i am drenched in the energised dust, just like how machines drenched our plane’s wings in antifreeze before takeoff. a burning pillar of lit up liquid turned to steam as it pummelled the planes wing, and so it is with the beams of starlight (billions of years old) hitting my retinas. the light evaporates around my body and i’m caught in a cloud of connection. i am small and i am in this world, and it is big and once again, wonderfully, i am small.