FABLE ARTS – Background

In early 2021, I was approached by Cambridge-based arts company, FABLE ARTS run by Victoria Pham and Daniel Pini, to headline their new “SOLOS” series for 2021. Solos I: Alison was a donation-supported weekend long installation on the FABLE website involving an interactive map, links to Komoot routes, and seven short films.

FABLE ARTS specialises in experimental art and interdisciplinary performance, focusing on reimagined storytelling. This is right up my alley, and preliminary discussions with Vickie and Daniel lead to daring to believe I could combine my love of 21st century bassoon performance, cycling, and spoken word in a selection of short films for the series.

This resulted in a story-focused project reflecting on the freedom cycling brought me during the 2021 UK lockdown, and contemplative writing about what home and adventure can mean. We produced seven short films about and around the project, including four 21st century works for solo bassoon.

The four short films of my riding and performance were all self-filmed with an iPhone 12. The film production and editing was done by Daniel Pini, and the sound engineering by Victoria Pham.

For videos about the process, see below:

An Introduction to Solos I with Alison Wormell

Solos I: Alison Interview

Solos I: Behind the Scenes with Alison Wormell

Publicity articles about this project can be found in the articles section of my website.