FABLE ARTS – A Series of Escapes

My program for SOLOS I was subtitled “A Series of Escapes” to reflect the way cycling and playing bassoon were both forms of escapism for myself during the 2021 UK lockdown. Similarly, it also echoes how the great outdoors are a source of escapism for many – even if only experienced through a screen, e.g. watching documentaries. 

Each location I rode to was a place where I found comfort and solace, and each work I felt either had a connection to place, or to the feelings I experienced during the lockdown. They were as follows:

Water Spirit Song (2003) – Ross Edwards

Salamander (2020) – Zoë Martlew

November 22 (2018) – Kinan Azmeh

Ulpirra (2000) – Ross Edwards

These were accessed through an interactive map of London and its surrounds on the FABLE website. You could mouse over where you wanted to go, and a coloured line would trace out the route of the ride.

This project with FABLE ARTS was a wonderful experience, and also inadvertently served as a pilot for further projects combining music and the outdoors. I really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to refining the process, having help on the ground with filming & sound, and commissioning works based on specific locations.

For selections of the four short films including musical performances followed by their Komoot routes, see below. Due to copyright, the two Ross Edwards works are unable to be included in this archive. I hope that these will encourage you to visit a place beyond your home, be it in person or in your mind.

WATER SPIRIT SONG by Ross Edwards in the Surrey Hills

ULPIRRA by Ross Edwards at Ruislip

NOVEMBER 22 by Kinan Azmeh at College

SALAMANDER by Zoë Martlew at Brighton Beach 

Escape to Ruislip

Escape to Brighton

Escape to College

Escape to Surrey

Publicity articles about this project can be found in the articles section of my website.